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How to find Discount LEGO Sets

Posted by The Bargain Bins on Apr 13th 2019

We all know that LEGO products can be very expensive depending on the time of year and the LEGO set you are trying to purchase. Trying to satisfy our kids or our own wants by getting the LEGO set that they or we desire can be a drain to our wallets, especially during the Christmas holiday. Many LEGO collectors look at set pricing in terms of a price per piece which leads them to make the decision as to whether or not they are truly getting a good deal. At The Bargain Bins we try to make the hunting for Discount LEGO sets easy for you by offering the lowest price possible for an E-Commerce store on many of our sets. Check out our selection and hopefully you will find a great bargain! The Bargain Bins Discounted LEGO Sets. However there are other ways to shop for discounted sets as well. 

1) There is a sale page at the LEGO shop that includes Discounted LEGO sets which is usually on items that they are about to discontinue, but none the less, some good deals can be found here. 

2) You can find some great deals on LEGO sets on, especially when you apply your filters and search for new items at auction. Many sellers do not put a reserve on there LEGO sets and some very good deals can be had. 

3) Many Big Box retailers will have LEGO sales throughout the year. It is hard to know when they are unless you visit the store everyday. However, a good way to find them easily is to use sites like or DealCatcher. These deal sites highlight popular deals found by the general public. From time to time, there are some great deals on LEGO sets found here that will take you straight to you Big Box retailer.

4) We can never forget sites like Brickset. There are a few of them out there. Usually these sites are a community of avid LEGO collectors that obtain a huge collection and up selling them off set by set when they no longer want them. 

As discussed, there a few ways to get your hands on a Discount LEGO set. Try 1 or all 4 and we are sure that you will find a great deal.