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Numark PT01 Touring | Classically-styled Suitcase Turntable with USB Port, and Built-In Speakers & Rechargeable Battery

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Numark PT01 Touring | Classically-styled Suitcase Turntable with USB Port, and Built-In Speakers & Rechargeable Battery

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Brand: Numark

Color: BLACK


  • Self-contained suitcase-style turntable with built-in speakers and rechargeable battery
  • 3-speed (33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM) belt-drive system with 45 RPM adapter included
  • USB port and EZ Vinyl/Tape conversion software for archiving vinyl to your computer
  • 1/8" headphone jack for private listening and 1/8" aux input for other audio sources
  • USB power input with battery life of up to 4 hours

Publisher: inMusic Brands Inc.

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.


The Numark PT01 Touring turntable is a classically-styled suitcase unit that recalls the popular portable turntables from the past.

PT01 Touring has a rugged case with a handle so you can carry it anywhere. It plays all your 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records, comes with a 45 RPM adapter, and it has built-in stereo speakers for convenient listening without needing to connect external speakers.

In addition, it has RCA outputs for simple connection to home audio equipment and a convenient Auto-Stop feature kicks in when it reaches the end of the record.

With its USB port, included USB cable and downloadable EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software, converting analog records into digital files for archiving on your computer is a snap.

PT01 Touring far surpasses the old suitcase turntables in versatility, however. It can also operate on its own built-in rechargeable battery-which means you can enjoy your records even if you’re not near a wall plug.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the PT01 Touring’s battery last?
The PT01 Touring has a built-in lithium ion battery which should last about 4 hours after a full charge.

How do I charge the PT01 Touring’s battery?
The PT01 Touring includes a USB cable which can be used to charge the battery. Connect the USB cable to a computer or a USB wall adapter (not included) to provide power to the PT01 Touring and charge the battery.

Note: While the PT01 Touring does not include a USB wall adapter, chances are you already own one. These are often included with mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, and other personal electronic devices.

I have the PT01 Touring plugged into my stereo but it sounds distorted. Is there a way to improve the output?
The RCA outputs on the back of the PT01 Touring are LINE outputs and should only be plugged into LINE level inputs. On your stereo, these might be labeled as AUX, CD, or TAPE inputs. Do not plug the RCA outputs into PHONO inputs. the PT01 Touring has a built-in preamp that will be too loud for PHONO inputs and will sound distorted or may cause damage.

Can I close the PT01 Touring while I’m playing an LP?
The PT01 Touring needs to remain any time there is a record on the platter.

Can I use the PT01 Touring to convert my records to digital?
Yes! the PT01 Touring includes EZ Vinyl & Tape Converter, which allows you to record your records directly to your computer so that you can convert them to MP3.

What is the Aux input on the PT01 Touring used for?
You can plug any source into the Aux input to hear it through the PT01 Touring’s speakers or to convert it to digital. For instance, if you have a cassette that you’d like to convert to MP3, you can plug your tape player into the PT01 Touring’s Aux input and record using EZ Vinyl & Tape Converter.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions (length x width x depth): 13.5” x 10” x 4.5”
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs
  • Power: USB power, rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
  • Cartridge: Type Ceramic
  • Cartridge and Stylus: CZ-800-10 cartridge (included)
  • USB Power Supply: 5V USB power supply (such as the one included with your smartphone or tablet) with 500 mA or more.

Box Contents

  • PT01 Touring
  • Felt Slipmat
  • 45 RPM Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Software Download Card
  • User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

UPC: 676762316316

EAN: 0676762316316